Minggu, 28 September 2014


When everybody think were they gonna go this saturday or will their parents bought them new phone or bought some new clothes or maybe when will they get engaged with their crush and i'm end up think were this drama can stop and i can get my life like usually. 
I'm totally tired and no one wants to know that, no one care how much pain inside my heart. No one care that i struggle. No one .
I can't understand why them push me like these?!
Someone told me, someday life will get better than this. Then i asked again. When? Because i wait so long and that shit called miracle doesn't happen until today for me. I lost hope. I lost all of them. I lost everyhting to keep me believe  that dreams can come true, that life will get better and i lost to believe that my dreams are good enough to be comes true. I just dream a little bit and something big happens, so why dreams always come with shit?!! 
I lost everything . 

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